COMMUNITY OUTREACH -          Audrey Parkes

Audrey is the founder of Inspiring a New Generation (IANG), a grass roots community  arts organisation, who's purpose is to focus on the development of diverse emerging artists and the delivery of sustainable arts events in Birmingham.  

Since  2016 Audrey's development as creative producer has resulted in the production  of community theatre productions.  Her most recent being 'Dr King The Aftermath' to be showcased  as part of Birmingham's Black History Month launch 2018. 

Audrey has been Co-ordinator of Ladywood Arts Forum creating positive local networks between arts and cultural organisations, voluntary and community sector, increasing opportunities for local participation and engagement in arts activities for the cultural voice of communities  to be valued, and shared. 

Audrey is also a member of Blackstory Partnership which was formed to host Birmingham's Black History month brochure and launch event (commissioned by Birmingham City Council).

Audrey has numerous links within the community and well known for the projects she has undertaken and been involved in.  She continues to acknowledge and champion the high calibre of  artists in Birmingham and as Community engagement Liaison officer Audrey is keen to continue developing links with grass roots  community groups in North Birmingham and surrounding areas.